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A better road network for wildlife

There are  1,720,700 km of roads in Brazil. Traffic volumes have increased 80% in the last decade and plans are to expand the road network by an additional 20%. Universities, NGOs and environmental consultants are analyzing the environmental impacts of transportation to inform road managers and planners so environmentally sustainable roads for wildlife will be built.

Key Factors

Nearly 95% of all deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon occurred within 5.5km of roads with lower deforestation rates near protected areas.

Around 470 species of terrestrial vertebrates have been recorded as roadkill in Brazil

Brazil has built one wildlife overpass for the highly endangered golden lion tamarin and two wildlife overpasses over railways in Amazonia

Latest News

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Abra FDm Huijser MP, Magioli M, Bovo AAA, Ferraz KMPMB


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Ruaro R, Laurance W, Mormul RP


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