Latin America and The Caribbean

Image Credit: Pucci-Costa Rica Aérea

Transport projects based on sustainable practices and informed by science are being developed in Latinamerica, yet, not all of its countries are doing it at the same pace. Knowledge sharing across the region will be key to its collective advancement.

Key Factors about Latin America Linear Infrastructure

There are 3,414,386 kms of roads in Latin America. The highest densities are located in Jamaica (2.14km/km²), Haiti (0.66), Cuba (0.53), and Uruguay (0.4)

There are plans to expand the road network in several countries (20% in Brazil, 100% in Colombia)

Roads increase deforestation rates, land conversion to agriculture, illegal activities (poaching, logging) and the establishment of human settlements

Nearly 95% of all deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon occurred within 5.5km of roads with lower deforestation rates near protected areas

Nearly 700 species have been recorded as roadkill in Latin America

In the next 5 years, more than 10,000 kms. of roads will be built or improved in the Amazon Basin

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Relationship of the accumulation areas of wildlife collisions with respect to the works of road art in the La Pintada Concession, Antioquia – Colombia.

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