Evaluation of insect collision with automobiles in a transect of the Autopista Conexión Pacífico 2, Antioquia - Colombia, in relation to the effect of the road on its ecosystem benefits


Image Credit: Programa de Ecología de Carreteras e Infraestructura Verde

Written by Andrea Bustca - Juliana Cardona-Duque - Juan Carlos Jaramillo-Fayad

Insects are fundamental and widely unknown in ecosystems, today they are registering an alarming massive decline that requires urgent analysis. Highways generate social development and economic growth, but produce constant negative environmental effects, namely, insect mortality on highways shows figures in the billions per year in some studies alone.

Currently, we are evaluating insect collision in a transect of the Autopista Conexión Pacífico 2, Antioquia – Colombia, to estimate the effect of the highway on the potential loss of its ecosystem goods and services. Diurnal and nocturnal sampling has been carried out by implementing two interception nets adapted to a moving vehicle, to quantify collisions and find possible patterns of affectation according to their food guilds, as an indicator of the effect of the road on the provision of their ecosystem benefits.

Academically, the project is developed in two Colombian universities, thus, the Institución Universitaria ITM provides scientific support from the Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Salle, in addition, the accompaniment of the Programa de Ecología de Carreteras e Infraestructura Verde, under the direction of PhD. Juan Carlos Jaramillo Fayad; jointly, the Universidad CES contributes with the guidance of MSc. Juliana Cardona Duque, for advice on the diversity of insects and their ecosystemic importance.

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