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It is projected that 25 million kilometers of new roads and one-third million kilometers of rail track will be built around the world by 2050, with 90 percent in developing countries. Latin America is the focus of much of the new transportation infrastructure. Conserving ecological connectivity means reducing the impacts of roads and other transport infrastructure on the landscape.

Our areas of interest are focused on


Informing legislative and administrative efforts by providing examples of legal provisions, policies and regulations.


Measuring the impacts of transport systems, monitoring effectiveness of solutions, and prioritizing locations and needs for future


Evaluating financial tools that encourage the inclusion of connectivity conservation in infrastructure design and construction


Engaging communities to advance initiatives that are sensitive to cultural concerns.


Providing technical advice, design expertise, and engineering techniques that support effective infrastructure decisions.


Identifying strategies that promote ecological connectivity, take into account extreme natural events, and address the effects of climate change.


Alerting, influencing, encouraging and supporting Latin American societies to develop sustainable transport infrastructures and mitigate the impacts of these infrastructures on wildlife and ecological connectivity.

How Do We Do It

Gathering input from across diverse disciplines and geographies

Producing guidance documents, reports, and case studies for use by the transport and finance sector

Working to complement other international efforts in Latin America and beyond

Offering solutions that contribute to broad global goals, as well as project-level

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